Lynda K. Bundrant-Taylor
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About Lynda

                        About Lynda

An old fashioned ranch girl with a pioneer spirit, I live with my daughter in the beautiful Northwest. With farming and ranching an important part of my heritage, I want to pass on my love of these things and vivid history of Early America and the Old West.  

My hobbies are sewing, working with natural woodland and desert findings to make into handcrafted gifts, replica pre-1920 and rustic furniture and home decor accents, gardening, photography, antiques and working with my two Appaloosa mares, Rybn and Kami. 

Lynda has written for various national and regional magazines since 1988. Presently, she is finishing her non-fiction historical book project titled, "The Journey West - the B.F. Bondurant Story."


Women Writing the West

Western Writers of America

                          Works in Progress

          "The Journey West ~ 
                           the B.F. Bondurant Story"

 The covered wagon began crawling west from Mayview Missouri in the year of 1897.  Their white canvas tops billowed against the huge sky and the iron-rimmed wheels pulled by a team of blind mules that carried B.F. Bondurant, his family and a second wagon driven by friend and business partner, Hunt Green into a land that was unspoiled and spectacular, the West.

The American West has fascinated people for more then four centuries.  The abundance of inexpensive land gave opportunities to make a living to a wide range of people.  Only the strongest and most determined were able to make a success.  This is the true story of a man and a town in the late 1800's Wyoming territory.

Below is just a sample of  the rare photos  and maps collected for this book. 

B.F. Bondurant with his wife Ella and friend, Hunt Green crossing the Hoback River about 1902 with spring supplies ~ The Little Jackson Hole, Bondurant, Wyoming

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